Our School

Our School is a 1928 Home where we play and learn with our little arrows 18mo-6yo! We have multi age spaces and individual rooms for our three Groups; Mouse, Frog, and Eagle, where we implement our unique and progressive curriculum. There are libraries, academic and project spaces, Circle areas, theatre play, music, kitchen, sleep room, and indoor gardens.


The surrounding campus has many opportunities for physical play, art, science, animals, and gardens, where we share earth education, and appreciation of our natural world. There is a bike path, play structure, sand boxes, and rooms for block building, practical life, ceramics, and big Group activities!


Mouse Group





18 mo-3 yo

Frog Group





3-4 yo

Eagle Group





4-6 yo

Our Guides

Our Guides are educated in Early Childhood Education on all levels and are spectacular people with diverse interests and skills. We are the Co Learn model of collaboration; proactive Guides, creative inventors, and positive models. We provide a loving, beautiful, and organized environment to appeal to all realms of learning; cognitive, social, emotional, and physical as well as individual learning styles.


Energetically and physically present at all times. We ensure optimum possibilities and safety for the little arrows in our care. We observe and document, collaborate and reflect, and practice effective communication with ALL!


Together we design and implement our plan of the day, month, and entire year in a continuous curriculum of advanced ideas, unexpected materials, and recycled elements. Our folk arts and extended education of extra enrichment Guides fully balance our progressive program.


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1543 Sir Francis Drake Blvd.

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